Find Another Way to Earn Money

If you're one of Sheriff's blogger, I know you will also received a message were they will be giving preferential treatment to blogs on static IP or Dedicated IP. It means that each blog should have its own static IP and to get this, you need to have separate hosting and dedicated IP for each blog under them. 

I am under Mommy Rubz hosting and I need to get SSL with one time payment of $50 and then a static IP at $3 a month. I have 9 blogs under Sheriff so meaning I need to get 9 different hosting for each waaaaaaah! Poor me :( I can't even afford to renew all my domains huhuhu!

We are really financially broke this time since all of our computers from our internet cafe got damaged from Typhoon Sendong and now that I can't rely much on blogging since I can only get few opportunities online, (aside from that fact that all of my PR 2 blogs went down due to un-updated blog posts), I better find another way to earn money to supply our daily needs.

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