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Why is it Worth Investing in a Training Courses?

Did you know that doctors are still learning to help improve the quality of their clinical practice? They firmly believe that their profession is a lifelong learning that enhances their capabilities. So, if you’re a doctor who wants to move up a ladder in your career, you can invest a training courses for doctors because its a one extra step in making sure you get the job of your dreams.  If you haven't heard of Oxford Medical yet, they teaches medical teaching courses for doctors both in London and Oxford. They offer courses such medical management courses in order to be the best they can be. It covers performance management and personal effectiveness skills as well as management and leadership to achieve the effective working and further development of services. It is also vital for you to know every possible way to achieve your goals. A medical teaching course can teach you to the next level. In this course doctors will be in a formal medical education training to

Got Our New Passports Today!

Finally after 35 working days of waiting patiently, we got our new passports today! Whew, it took us more than a month of waiting since we applied for our lost passports. The lost ones was one of the unfortunate things that was flooded when typhoon Sendong came and devastated our place three months ago.  I never thought that applying for a lost passport is such a hassle thing to do. Aside from getting an affidavit of loss which must be duly notarized by an Attorney, we need to go to the police station and make a blotter report. DFA’s requirement is also the same when you apply for a new passport plus we need to pay for a penalty charge for the loss. We waited for 15 days for the clearing period and another 20 days for the processing since we just choose the regular processing fee. Well, it took so long but its okay. Now we are preparing for our travel to Manila so we could apply for a tourist visa.  My hubby and I together with our daughter was invited by my mom to spe

Back to Business

Thanked God after a few months of our business temporary closure due to typhoon Sendong's devastation, we finally re opened our computer shop last Sunday. Some of our computers units was restored and since our loyal customers are eagerly waiting for us to operate again, we decided to go back into business. It is an advantage for us because our competitors hasn't recovered yet. We also gave up the commercial house where we used to rent with in our i-cafe and decided to put up the internet shop here in our house. This means that we can save money on paying for our rent. Thanks to our family and friends who helped us in recovering our computers. It is a big help for us so we could continue our business and earn a daily income from it.

Bonding with My Blogger Friends

I had a great time yesterday evening cause I had the chance to go out and spend some time to bond and chat with my fellow blogger friends. It really feels great to unwind and have some bonding time together with your friends as you share some laughter, heartaches, experiences, advices and all the girl talk and other stuffs. We have agreed that were going to have a monthly meet up. Love it! :) Thanks Mommy Rubz, Sis Joan ( I still owe you a gift hehehe...) Mommy Eleanor and Mommy Jen... I really enjoyed bonding with you all! See you next month :) 

Save Money with Dell Coupons

We thanked God that some of our computers were restored after Typhoon Sendong's devastation. Our computer shop was also flooded when Typhoon Sendong hit our place three months ago. Now that some of our computers are working again, hubby and I are planning to re open and will start to operate our internet shop soon. Were still trying to save money so we could buy more computers. Good thing I was able to find some best deal in buying computers and even laptops online through online coupons. We found the best ones that we need for our internet shop. Thanks to dell coupons that offers the lowest price on dell computers. Now we could get product that we want to buy that can surely save us money. Finding the great deals and finds on coupons is indeed very helpful for frugal people like us. It is a necessity for anyone who wants to buy a new laptop or desktop computer for example. Finding the best deals and coupons online specially with dell computers and laptops is easy

Bursting with Anger on PLDT DSL Service!

Okay I am officially mad this time and I want to rant about PLDT DSL's lousy service. The first few years of our subscription was quite good but when typhoon Sendong hit out place, their service went from bad to worst. A few weeks after Sendong, I went to their office and told them to reconnect our internet. They said I have to wait for a month since their so called optic fiber and main line was completely destroyed from the flood. They have to order the product abroad. So I patiently waited for more than a month. When I saw their technical team roving around our Barangay, I went to their office and asked if the internet is okay now in our place. They said its okay so I requested for a reconnection. I also told them to transfer the line since we moved to our new house. That took them more than a week to transfer.  We officially had our internet connection last week of January. We were just surprised when suddenly we don't have an internet last week of February until today. The