Bursting with Anger on PLDT DSL Service!

Okay I am officially mad this time and I want to rant about PLDT DSL's lousy service. The first few years of our subscription was quite good but when typhoon Sendong hit out place, their service went from bad to worst. A few weeks after Sendong, I went to their office and told them to reconnect our internet. They said I have to wait for a month since their so called optic fiber and main line was completely destroyed from the flood. They have to order the product abroad. So I patiently waited for more than a month. When I saw their technical team roving around our Barangay, I went to their office and asked if the internet is okay now in our place. They said its okay so I requested for a reconnection. I also told them to transfer the line since we moved to our new house. That took them more than a week to transfer. 

We officially had our internet connection last week of January. We were just surprised when suddenly we don't have an internet last week of February until today. Their reason? we haven't paid our bills so I went there and asked. How we were able to know our unpaid bills were in fact we did not received any bills, notice or call!? I asked how much is our payable and the teller told me its more than P3,000 huh!? hello! I told the teller that were one of the flood victims! so they adjusted the bill and made a rebate on it. I payed a total of P2,300. Their technical team reported that our internet was installed last January 26, 2012 but we do have a copy of the service order report dated last January 30, 2012. This means that we just had our internet last January 30. They added the payable from January 26-31, 2012 a total of P253.00. Can you imagine we are paying for the internet even without using it!?

The teller told us that our internet was temporarily disconnected and we have to wait for 48 hours to reconnect our internet. We just have to call their hotline 171 to follow up on our request. I called 5 times already and the customer service usual answer is that we have to wait since they already forwarded this request to the technical staff who are in charge of this service. The question is, how long do we have to wait!? I called for the last time today since its more than 60 hours already. The operator suddenly told me that our line was  permanently got disconnected and it can't be done using the system, the technical team should check it and it would take 2 to 3 weeks to reconnect the internet. Oh! like what?! where's the justice here!!! I already payed them how come they permanently disconnect us! I'm really bursting with anger on PLDT's DSL service.

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