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My First Ever Prescription Eyeglasses! and I Got it for FREE!!!

A blogger friend of mine shared her happiness to me when she received a free sunglasses a few weeks ago from Firmoo Optical. I so love her sunglasses so I asked for more info about how I could also get an eyewear for free.I was also able to avail the free eyewear promo for bloggers. Thanks to Sir Patrick and the Firmoo team for this awesome giveaway promo.  I'm actually having a hard time in choosing which one should I prefer to wear since I love their fashionable sunglasses and the eyeglasses as well. But since my computer glasses got damaged a few months ago, I decided to chose the prescription eyeglasses since I am  nearsighted. They made my eyeglasses right away and I received it after 2 weeks. Here's the actual photo of my eyeglasses :)   This is actually my first ever prescription eyeglasses and I got it for FREE! Isn't that great? :)  I also love this glasses because its made from the unbreakable TR90 and its the most comfortable glasses Ive ever wear

Out for an Encounter Retreat

I will be offline for three days starting tomorrow because I'm going to attend an encounter retreat. After all those busyness and stresses with life, I need a place, a time and an opportunity to spend a personal and devoted time with God that will help me to move beyond my present spiritual state into a stronger, more intimate relationship with God. When you are going to attend an encounter retreat with God, you will begin to experience the freedom that only Christ can give such as breakthroughs in their relationship with God and others in their lives, physical and emotional healing , lives have been changed and transformed and wounded hearts have been restored and broken relationships have been mended . It is a series of teachings that  will help you to establish and deepen your relationship with God. The teachings are focused on God and what He can to do in your life. Every person who has attended an Encounter God Retreat has come away with a deeper knowledge of God an

Looking for an Apartment/Condo for Rent

Ive spent the whole day yesterday and even until today looking for an apartment or condo for rent in Makati. My family and I are going to Manila this coming first week of May to apply for a visa at the Swiss Embassy. I prefer to choose a place to stay in Makati since the Swiss embassy is located at Paseo de Roxas in Makati City. It is just a short term stay since we will be staying there for a month. There's a lot of list online but I'm having a hard time to choose which one's the best. Aside from the fact that our budget is only P20,000, I'm not sure if the seller or the agent is not a scammer. We don't have any relatives in Makati so I have to make sure that the contact person and the property is legit. Were looking for a studio type condo unit or standard unit with 1 bedroom, fully furnished with cable TV, refrigerator, electric stove and kitchen utensils. A nice amenities such as swimming pool for adult and kids, children's playground and a gym is also

Holy Week Reflections

As Christ followers, Holy Week is an opportunity for us to spend time considering the depth of God’s love for us and the sacrifice He made on our behalf. Lent was for us the time to reflect more and meditate upon our lives so that we can renew ourselves and prepare to live again the mystery of our salvation.  Our church will have a film showing tomorrow evening and we choose to watch "The Passion of the Christ" movie as we remember and meditate God's passion and amazing love for us. Ive seen this movie several times already but every time I watch it, my heart feels like it's beating heavily in my throat.  A heavy weight pushes down on my chest. Its so powerful and it really touches my heart.  Just think of it!  He was innocent, he was God, he'd done nothing wrong and they killed him. But Jesus did it as an atonement for our sins. Therefore we must confess, pray, and meditate on the suffering, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.We have