Out for an Encounter Retreat

I will be offline for three days starting tomorrow because I'm going to attend an encounter retreat. After all those busyness and stresses with life, I need a place, a time and an opportunity to spend a personal and devoted time with God that will help me to move beyond my present spiritual state into a stronger, more intimate relationship with God.

When you are going to attend an encounter retreat with God, you will begin to experience the freedom that only Christ can give such as breakthroughs in their relationship with God and others in their lives, physical and emotional healing , lives have been changed and transformed and wounded hearts have been restored and broken relationships have been mended .

It is a series of teachings that  will help you to establish and deepen your relationship with God. The teachings are focused on God and what He can to do in your life. Every person who has attended an Encounter God Retreat has come away with a deeper knowledge of God and experience the fullness of the Holy Spirit in their lives. That's what I love about attending an Encounter retreat.  I hope and pray  that you will also attend an Encounter God retreat so that you will experience the healing, hope, forgiveness, and freedom that only God can bring into your life.

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