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On the Wishlist of Every Tech Savvy Person

The Apple iPad is probably one of the revolutionary gadget nowadays. It has changed the way we use computers. It has become one of the must-have gadgets. I myself would love to own an iPad because this gadget is a fun tool and cool to have. It’s also stylish and minimalistic.  Its a multimedia device that’s great for video, web browsing and social networking. What I also like about iPad is the battery life since it usually takes 8 to 10 hours of usage. It can be an unnecessary hassle to carry an internet card or USB to connect to the web specially when you are traveling.  If you own an iPad, you no longer have to worry about this as it has the capability to access internet through WiFi connectivity. This iPad feature makes it very appealing to me. I just have to buy an iPad 2 cases for protection from damages. All of these benefits make the Apple iPad a premium tablet PC and is on the wishlist of every tech savvy person like me.

Father's Day & My Birthday :)

  I had an awesome day today as I spent my birthday together with my family and church mates. They serenade me with their Mañanita songs earlier this morning and I was touched by their wonderful and encouraging birthday messages. I prepared spaghetti and loaf bread along with coffee. I really enjoyed my morning with them and I truly appreciate all their efforts.    After the Mañanita, my family and I prepared ourselves for the Sunday service at our church. After the preaching, our youth prepared a special Father's Day presentation for our dads in the church that includes my hubby. The children including my daughter also greeted their father and gave a very warm and touching message. It was a heartfelt father's day celebration and as our way of thanking them, we gave each one a daddy mug.    Right after our church Sunday service, my family and I together with our extended family went to a Barbeque Seafoods and Grill restaurant for our lunch and to continue my bir

Manny Pacquiao is Still the World's Best Boxer

  The boxing fans in the whole world mourns specially here in the Philippines when in a stunning and incredibly unbelievable decision, Timothy Bradley won a split decision victory over our all time bet world champion Manny Pacquiao at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. We don't have a cable TV at home, good thing an online friend gave me the link of the fight through live streaming online.  I was able to watched the fight and I clearly saw Manny threw a lot of punches and he did a good fight. Thousands of comments pouring end from fans all over the world specially in Twitter. Even the Hollywood stars speaks about the fight.They just couldn't believe that the judges apparently based their scoring on the number of hugs. We are all disappointed on the judges decision because we all know who really won. They said that they will have a rematch soon. I think this is a part of the game plan for more money in this boxing game. tsk tsk! Oh well, win or lose I belie

Sydelle's First Day in School

  My daughter Sydelle's first day in school as Kinder 2 (K2) was a fun filled experience for both of us. We wake up early in the morning since her class will start at 7:30 am. When we arrived at the school and went to her classroom, her teacher greeted us and welcomed her to their room. While they are still waiting for their other classmates, the teacher allowed the kids to play at their playhouse while others played some toys.  We were also advised by the teacher to leave our kids and just wait outside so they could spend some time to socialize and go along with each other. We the parents waited outside but we all feel unease since we want to check out how our child is doing. We keep on looking at their window glass door to see if their okay. They looked behave in this photo 'coz its their snack time LOL! but after a few minutes, someone already cried because he wants to go out and he's been looking for his mom.  My daughter even had a fight because her classmate