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Busy Mode

Whew! My life has been so very busy offline specially now that its my daughter's examination week. For three straight days we study her lessons and teach her the pointers of the subject on the scheduled date of exam. I'll send and pick her up in school every day and after that, I prepare myself for my gym exercise together with my fellow mommy friends.  Right after my workout at the gym, I have to hurry back home, wash my daughter's uniform and some clothes and cook foods for our meal. I  go online  afterwards to check my emails, look for opportunities specially DA's and also trying to let my brain work as I update my blogs.  In the next few days, we have a three day praying and fasting together with my fellow church leaders. We have an Encounter God Weekend retreat next week and we will be the one who will host the retreat. I am the one in charge for the women specially Moms and single moms where I share some helpful tips about marriage, being a wife, a mom a

Oxford Medical Courses

Training doctors in the essential skills which is required to communicate effectively with their patients is quite challenging, but it provides rewards after they have fully acquired the effective teaching skills. So, if you are a fresh medical graduate, I suggest that you choose Oxford Medical for your medical training course because they are a medical training company that teaches doctors some various skills to help them get their dream jobs.  Tutors at the Oxford Medical are highly experienced and are experts in their own areas of specialization. Oxford Medical offers a variety of different courses that students can benefit from. All of the classes are beneficial in their own way, and they are all important.They offer consultant interview course where students get the right information that can help them become confident and successful at an interview. Another class that Oxford Medical offers is the medical teaching course where it provides medical students with the lates

Gym Workout Routines

Whew! Its been 5 days since I started doing some workout exercise at the gym. The first few days was such a pain since my body is not used of doing some exercise. I could feel that my muscles are being stretched out and I felt pain in my abdomen, back, arms and legs. These are the areas of my body that needs a thorough workout. I am with my mommy friends who also wants to lose their weight. We follow a certain program on which of the gym equipment machines are we going to use and how to use it such as thread mill, indoor triathlon, twister, push up circuits and other strength training like abdominal workout, lower body exercise, upper body workout and many others.  Because of this gym workout routines that Ive been doing every weekdays, I have learned to love my body. I have come to realize that its easy to get fat but its really hard to lose weight. It needs a lot of patience, courage and determination if you really want to reach your goal. I was inspired by other mommies wh

Starting to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

I have some mommy friends in school who are also concern about their health. We meet everyday in school since we are waiting for our kids to pick them up after their classes. After talking a lot of things on how we could lose our weight, we have decided to go the gym and have some workout every school days. We have a waiting time in school for 3 and 1/2 hours so we decided to take 2 hours to go to the gym and have some exercise and fitness training.  Isn't that a good way for me to start living a healthy lifestyle? I believe its a yes! As long as eat a healthy diet and take control of what I eat plus the fact that I will start my workout exercise at the gym, I know that by making a small changes on how I live each day can lead to big rewards, that's why I already figured out what I can do in order to be sexy and healthy.