Busy Mode

Whew! My life has been so very busy offline specially now that its my daughter's examination week. For three straight days we study her lessons and teach her the pointers of the subject on the scheduled date of exam. I'll send and pick her up in school every day and after that, I prepare myself for my gym exercise together with my fellow mommy friends. 

Right after my workout at the gym, I have to hurry back home, wash my daughter's uniform and some clothes and cook foods for our meal. I  go online  afterwards to check my emails, look for opportunities specially DA's and also trying to let my brain work as I update my blogs. 

In the next few days, we have a three day praying and fasting together with my fellow church leaders. We have an Encounter God Weekend retreat next week and we will be the one who will host the retreat. I am the one in charge for the women specially Moms and single moms where I share some helpful tips about marriage, being a wife, a mom and also teach them how to grow spiritually. Yay! its gonna be a busy day and week for me ahead. Oh well, God is my strength and I know I will be able to make all of these things. :) 

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