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Finally! Fairy Hobmother Visited Me!

I came to know the Fairy Hobmother a few months ago when these famous fairy is spreading joy and happiness to bloggers in the blogosphere. Most of my blogger friends already received a love gift from him. Ive been stalking him ever since I heard about his generous spreading of pixie dusts in the blogging world. I keep on hoping and believing that one day he will come to visit my blogs too. My prayers has finally been answered when I received an email greetings from the Fairy Hobmother. Little did he know how prolific I am because Ive got so many blogs LOL! He appreciate the kind of hard work that I did that's why he send me a gift on each of my blogs. Woohoo! How generous this fairy is! And because of that, I am happy to let you my dear readers and followers know that I also want to spread his fairy overloads about his American Freezer and other appliances online.  So, if you want Fairy Hobmother to visit you and grant your wish, just leave a comment below. Don'

Get Lucky and Win Some Real Money

The internet has been a strong influence in many aspects of our lives. It is practically present in everything that we do on a daily basis. It is not surprising to know that it has also invaded the gambling world. It has been the favorite thing to do for the people who loves excitement and challenge of the game in gambling such as online casino games.  So, if you are eager to put your luck to the test, one of the best ways to get things started is by signing up at the casinos which offers no deposit bonus since this free casino bonuses offer beginners like you a risk free alternative in betting your own money.  It will give you the opportunity to learn the intricacies of the game and try some of its tricks and techniques. With these free treats, there is a strong chance that new players like you will ultimately become loyal followers of the online casino. You will know the secret on how to get free cash at just by playing online casinos without any require

I Surf, I Click, I Won!

Yes, this is what keeps me busy this time since I don't have much paid opportunities on my blogs. I look for blog giveaways specially those are giving away some cash. This is where I found AyosDito’s Great Deals Promo. The mechanics is so easy! You just have to go to, select your region or any categories and surf the site for great deals. Click on the great deals and you can win instant cash prizes of P500, P1,000, P5,000 or P10,000!   My hubby and I started surfing and clicking a two weeks ago and guess what? my hubby won P500 and I also won P500 and P10,000! Woohoo! We’re just waiting for the confirmation email regarding the claiming of prize since we live outside Manila and they will just send the money through money transfer. I also won P10,000 for week 4, my hubby won P5,000 and I won another P10,000 for week 5. There's still 1 week left before the promo ends in September 16, 2012 so if you want to try your luck, then join the Surf.Click.Win promo