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New Blogs

Hey there friends!  Check out these new baby blogs of mine :)    Woman’s Beauty Haven   ( beauty, product reviews, women )    Unmasked Thoughts   (general, mixed )    My Captured Memories ( photography )  This is gonna be my 18th, 19th and 20th blog. Whoa! I realized that I do have lots of domain blogs already. I just hope that I can handle them all lol! Well, these blogs have different niches but I still have to build, establish, post more articles and monetize it.  I do hope and pray that soon there will be sponsored post opportunities and DA's coming in these blogs. ^_^

Huge Earning from a Sponsored Post Opportunity

I was checking some of my blogger friends latest blog updates today when I read a great news of one of my friend who recently received a huge payout out from a sponsored post opportunity. She earned $400 in just one single blog post with 2 links for 200 words. Now that's really a huge WOW!    I remember a few months ago, I also received a rare sponsored post opportunity from Sponsored Reviews. The offer was actually $200 for a post and even though I earned only 50% o since the site keeps 50% of the earnings but $100 is not bad for a 200 word article, right? I keep on praying that I can still receive such opportunities like this. It is really possible that you can earn big in blogging. :)