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Join for a Chance to Win an iPad!

Who wants to win an Apple iPad with Retina display? I'm sure we all do! This gadget is actually one of my dream gadget in my Christmas wishlist.And since I can't afford to buy it, I just keep on hoping that one day I'm going to own this gadget through giveaways like these.  Win a 16 GB 4th Generation iPad in this awesome giveaway! Simple Rafflecopter entries are required.The giveaway will run from December 2 until Sunday, December 30 – so you have a whole month to complete the entries and earn points with daily entries too. It’s open to everyone - worldwide - one winner will receive an iPad with retina display, or the cash equivalent of $499 via Paypal whichever is preferred! To join click here . Special Thanks to the following Sponsors:    Eatables, Explorations, Expeditions  |  Healthy Vain  |  Fancy Expeditions  |  Papers, Bills and Coins   |  Che Wanders  |  My Kids… Their Journey   |  My Online Journeys  |  Fashion Is My Passion

Merry Christmas!

So sorry guys my Christmas greetings is kinda late but still I want to greet you a Happy and Merry Christmas! How's your Christmas celebration? I hope you enjoy celebrating your Christmas together with your family and loved ones. In my case, I still enjoyed my Christmas although I'm not that much happy because I'm not feeling well.  I'm having a chicken pox right now and I still got some fever and I couldn't dare to face the people because of my awful and horrible  look. I do have lots of Christmas party invitations this week but it will all be postponed because of my situation right now. Its so sad but I have to accept it. I'll just stay at home. Sadness :(

Electric Motor Repair and Service

Did you know that electric motors are found on different appliances? Its main function is to convert the electrical energy into mechanical energy. It takes the electricity and turns it into energy so that we are able to use it properly. The most common things where electric motors are found are the machine tools, industrial fans, household appliances, blowers, pumps, power tools and many others. Electric motors influences us a lot because of the fact that these motors appear on our households and our work environment as well.  When it comes in electric motor repair and service just like what the  phoenix electric motor repair is offering, they provide troubleshooting for drives and controls. They have the capability to repair your motor for a fraction of the replacement cost. You can find a large variety of motors and drives, which are in stock and available for purchase the same day.  You can also find motor controls for all types of applications. They work quickly to get yo

Useful in Storing and Organizing Tools

If you want to fix or repair things around your house, you will definitely use tools right? So, if you don't want to lose these pieces of equipment, then you need to have a place to store them properly. Tool cabinets are a great solution for efficient storage space. It can also benefit your workplace as it helps in keeping your tools or equipment safe and tidy as it prevent falls or other injuries. Locks can also be installed to prevent unauthorized intruders to take valuable tools from your workstation. Tool storage cabinets have a number of drawers and shelves that can be used to systematically organize the tools.  Some tool cabinets like roller cabinets are equipped with wheels. It facilitates easy and smooth movement which will help make it easier for you to carry out your home renovations. You see ,a tool cabinet is very useful in storing and organizing tools efficiently and easily. So, consider purchasing a tool storage cabinet today so that your tools will last muc

A Year after Typhoon Sendong

Today we remembered the day when Typhoon Sendong devastated our place. It is exactly one year today and as I looked back the past on how we were able survive during the flood, it was such a horrible and tragic experience and we don't want that tragedy to happen again. A few weeks ago, we were forced to evacuate from our home due to the warning signal of Typhoon Pablo which is said to be stronger than Typhoon Sendong.  Without any other doubts or hesitations, we left our home immediately because we don't want to experience how we ran for our lives looking for a safe place to stay. At least now we are already aware so whenever there's a storm coming in our city and we were alarmed about it, we already know it so it would be easy for us to move out. Life after Typhoon Sendong was quite uneasy at first since we have to adjust and it seems like we are just starting out from the very beginning. But thanked God that after a year, we were able to stand up and had already

Preparing for Typhoon Pablo

Last weekend I noticed that most of our neighbors are busy in keeping their things and belongings. Many of them had already evacuated to another place. They chose to stay in an upland area which is safe from floods and landslides. My family and I are also aware of this incoming super typhoon Pablo which is said to be more worse than typhoon Sendong.  That's why we have been preparing ourselves since we don't want to experience that horrible tragedy that happened a year ago when typhoon Sendong devastated our place. We are urged to evacuate our place as typhoon "Pablo" (international name "Bopha") is seen to enter the country late Sunday and will hit several areas in Visayas and Mindanao. According to the news, the typhoon could be the strongest to strike the country so far this year so it is a must for us to leave our place.  We've been planning to stay at my sister in law's house since it is located in an upland area. I'm getting read