Preparing for Typhoon Pablo

Last weekend I noticed that most of our neighbors are busy in keeping their things and belongings. Many of them had already evacuated to another place. They chose to stay in an upland area which is safe from floods and landslides. My family and I are also aware of this incoming super typhoon Pablo which is said to be more worse than typhoon Sendong. 

That's why we have been preparing ourselves since we don't want to experience that horrible tragedy that happened a year ago when typhoon Sendong devastated our place. We are urged to evacuate our place as typhoon "Pablo" (international name "Bopha") is seen to enter the country late Sunday and will hit several areas in Visayas and Mindanao. According to the news, the typhoon could be the strongest to strike the country so far this year so it is a must for us to leave our place. 

We've been planning to stay at my sister in law's house since it is located in an upland area. I'm getting ready to pack our important things such as papers, documents, cellphones, net books and other gadgets, medicines, clothes and foods. We also prepared our flashlights and rechargeable lamps. My hubby will also keep our computer units from our shop as well as household appliances and other things that uses electricity at the attic of our house. Its better to be safe than sorry and its better to be prepared for emergency situation like this.

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