On Vacation Mode

 photo Philippinen4017_zps87451063.jpg

I am currently on vacation mode right now together with my family. My mom and her boyfriend arrived a week ago as spending their one month holiday here with us. We rented an apartment near the beach that’s why we stayed here with them. As of now I’m only using a 3G broadband USB internet and I can’t go online all time. We always accompany them wherever they go. 

Of course we are also taking the time bonding with them since its been 2 years that I haven’t seen my mom. It is our first time to meet her boyfriend Markus. It is his first time to visit the Philippines too. We really did enjoyed our time here. We still have lots of itinerary plans as we visit the different tourist spots here in our country. I’m sure its gonna be a fun and exciting holiday because we spend it together with my family.

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