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My Brother and I Agree on Underwear

One advantage of having an older brother is you can talk about stuff that you may not want to talk about with your buddies. For example, certain issues that you get going through puberty, or like advice about talking to girls when you’re really insecure and don’t want your friends to know you’re more shy than you come across. One issue of rather minor importance that I’ve talked to my older brother about probably more than I’d care to admit is mens boxers , and what kind of underwear we enjoy most. I mean, how are you to know what other people do if you don’t ask them, and who better to ask than your older bro? He’s got more years of trying out different styles!  So we talked about boxer briefs and we both agree that they’re by far and away the best. We also agree that Thanksgiving is the best holiday, because there’s no pressure to buy gifts, and you get to eat amazing food and enjoy the family. We also agree that Gramma is the best family member, because as she gets o