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How to Make Your Blog Posts Go Viral

Have you ever wondered what makes content marketing go viral? How does it get all the attention and what does it take to get it to go viral? Is there a trick to it? How does it work? Imagine a blog post that gets hundreds of comments, hundreds or thousands of social signals on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc, and people are really excited about the topic on that blog.To have your blog go viral means that the traffic potential is at the highest it can possibly be. Not only have a lot of people read it but a lot of people have landed on your website. This could mean that you’ve found new subscribers and earned revenue as a result. It could also mean that others posting about it are driving up your blog’s reputation in the eyes of search engines. So, how do you make content marketing go viral? It’s not always so easy. Some bloggers manage to do it repeatedly. The thing is, once you’ve done it once you’ll have a greater chance of a repeat performance because you’ve now built a

New Year New Post

Happy New Year everyone! How's your new year?  I hope you are all having a blast. As for us, we don't usually spend a lot of bucks in preparation for the new year. We just had a simple dinner with my family and extended family at home. When the clock reaches at 12 am, we prayed and had a fellowship together thanking God and declaring the good things that will come for the year 2014. I am also praying and declaring that this year, there will be more blogging opportunities that will come along my way.  One of my blogging goals is to write at least thrice a week in each of my 15 managed blogs. Aside from blogging, I am also looking forward for a good flow of my online work as a writer and editor of a magazine. All in all, I keep on hoping, believing and claiming for God's unmerited favor that He's going to pour out in my family and also in our church ministry.