New Year New Post

Happy New Year everyone! How's your new year? 

I hope you are all having a blast. As for us, we don't usually spend a lot of bucks in preparation for the new year. We just had a simple dinner with my family and extended family at home. When the clock reaches at 12 am, we prayed and had a fellowship together thanking God and declaring the good things that will come for the year 2014. I am also praying and declaring that this year, there will be more blogging opportunities that will come along my way. 

One of my blogging goals is to write at least thrice a week in each of my 15 managed blogs. Aside from blogging, I am also looking forward for a good flow of my online work as a writer and editor of a magazine. All in all, I keep on hoping, believing and claiming for God's unmerited favor that He's going to pour out in my family and also in our church ministry.

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