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The Loop – Safe, Comfy, Convenient Home for Transient Students

Cagayan de Oro hosts many of the best colleges and universities in Mindanao, hence it is no surprise that many students from other cities and provinces come  here to study. But leaving the comforts of their own home may not be that easy for all transient students. At the very least, they need a home base that will not only allow them to study well, but also to live well. For out-of-town students who go to any of CDO’s reputable schools and universities, heading back to their second home at the end of the day is as important as going back to their real home outside the city. After a long day at school, students would want to go home and rest in the comfort of their homes to recharge for the next day. Studying hard is a crucial priority, as they face the everyday challenges of being away from their families. Going to a nondescript and uninspiring residence that could take a long time to reach takes the joy out of coming home. At this point, convenience, quality and secu