How To Dress To Impress in a Job Interview

Aside from coming in an interview that is completely prepared, making a great first impression on a potential employer with your appearance is one of the most important things to do when you're applying for a job. It is a good sign to pass judgments upon your first meeting since you will get the chance to make a good first impression. Everything from the fabrics, colors, prints and personal grooming you put into your look plays a role in making this happen. This could mean the difference between landing or losing out on that dream job. 

No matter the nature of the work, a candidate dressed in the most professional manner will shine over one that is casually dressed every time. Preparing for a job interview can be stressful at times, especially when you’re deciding on what to wear. So, take these quick tips as a guideline for picking out a powerful outfit where you can find at Zalora Philippines that will help you get the job. 

Dress to impress
What they say is true, the first impression is most important when meeting someone for the first time. The person interviewing you is going get their first impression from the outfit you are in. Whether you are applying to Mcdonalds, or you are applying to Gucci, business attire is a must. Dress like the rest To make even more of an impression, dress according to the style of the job place. If you are applying to work in a salon, most of the time the attire will be black and white. So dress in black and white! Show the interviewer that you are ready to work that day, even though you are just doing an interview. 

Business vs. Casual

Lets face it, a hiring manager is going to choose the person dressed in business attire versus the person in casual attire. It shows that you care about the job, by taking the time to dress better than the normal one. Stick with neutral colors Black, navy, gray, white, and tan colors are a great starting point for picking out some attire for your job interview. Keep the colors simple. Don’t have on something neon green when you are trying to convey a sophisticated demeanor. 

For women, if you’re going to wear a dress, don’t wear something that you would wear out for the evening or to an event. Wear something Victorian looking if you have to. Pair it with a clean blazer and some nice heels that match the blazer. You can find work dresses at Zalora to get the clear picture about this look. Show that you care about your appearance by taking the extra initiative to spice up your look. 

For men, a suit always works. Blazers can spice up any outfit, even if it is just a black v-neck. The blazer gives the illusion of being style-conscious, even if you have no idea what to wear. Wear slacks in a dark color and a button down shirt with a collar and tie. 

I hope this helps you get your job fair interviewing wardrobe started! As you can see, personal appearance is very important during the interview process. Your outward presentation gives off signals. So, make the most of yours by dressing to impress! 

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