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CDO CURTAINS: Sewing Beautifully Made Curtains for your Home

Are you looking for beautifully made curtains?  If so, let us help you transform the look of your home with beautiful hand finished curtains from materials you have chosen or chosen by us. I am proud to promote CDO Curtains which is our family owned curtain making business which started since 1985, sewing beautiful customized curtains here in Cagayan de Oro City and other places as well.  Curtains not only provide privacy and warmth but add color and texture to the room. Whatever your style and budget we can help you revitalize your home with quality curtains at an affordable price.  Here are some of our beautiful creations:   Just call or text us at 0935-55-46-493 or email us at with your window measurements and we will estimate how much fabric is required and offer you a fixed quotation. When you have purchased your fabrics, we will collect them at a time to suit you and if necessary check your measurements. When your curtains are ready

Worsening Power Supply Shortage in Mindanao

Rotational brownout schedule is happening once again here in our city. I remember last summer, the same months in April and May, brownouts also happened and it gets even worse as it is today. We do have longer power outages starting from 6 to 7 hours each scheduled day. According to Cagayan Electric Power and Light Company or (Cepalco),its getting worse since the power distributed by the National Power Corporation (NPC) dipped from 70 megawatts (MW) to 30 MW, making the rotating brownouts longer from four hours to seven hours and 30 minutes. CEPALCO has cautioned customers that the actual switch off and switch on time may vary from the announced schedules depending on the actual load curtailment levels imposed by NGCP on CEPALCO, which changes every hour.  Mindanao has indeed sank deeper into a lingering power crisis, backed by power supply contracts, announcing longer blackouts lasting up to six hours to seven hours daily and the rest of the island for at least five hours. Oh w