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Mouth Watering Burgers from Backyard Burgers CDO

Backyard Burgers, a proudly Dabawenyo-owned and operated burger joint and bar, aims to popularize gourmet burgers with a home-made taste here in the city of Cagayan de Oro. I opted not to join the burger craze during its first day of opening. And since they are finally here to stay, I did give it try together with my family.   #BBCDO, has been drawing lines of buying customers in its outlet located at Punchbowl along Corrales Avenue. I t is between Rich Manor and Xentro Hotel. Customers are eager to taste its home-made burgers and one of them are us! With its mouth-watering photos of its burgers that I've ordered, who wouldn’t want to try one?   My order: BB Extra Cheesy Burger  Made with 100% pure beef patty, sesame bun, tomato ketchup, real mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheesy dip sauce.  Price: P140  Enjoy its juicylicious, smokalicious, and beffilicious Big Bites that will sure to satisfy your appetite. :)  You can check out the

Preserving The Traditional Music

Music knows no bounds; it requires no words. Good music transcends cultural barriers and not only that, a Classical music is not just meditative music; it can be used to spread happiness and warmth. Music keeps us together because it is a universal language and our instruments speak for us. Traditional music instruments are as beautiful as the sound that they provide. It is full of energy and vibrates the right vibes into the air offering many musical styles and melodies loved by everyone around the world.  I look forward to days where music can be taught right from the school level where they could also learn how to play it or they can try searching for music on accordion reviews and other traditional music instruments. It is a good idea for them so they would appreciate and promote traditional music; and where people would constantly improvise and play with tunes to come up with better forms of global music. 

Boost Your Bust with Breast Augmentation

Has time taken its toll on your breasts? Would you like a little extra volume and fullness?  A curvier, fuller figure is a key reason why many women choose to undergo breast augmentation. Other causes that might leading women to opt for breast augmentation include wanting to reconstruct the breasts, which many patients seek after cancer treatment. Regardless of your reasons for choosing breast enhancement, your procedure can help you achieve in increasing the overall size and fullness of your breasts and enhances the symmetry between your breasts, including size and shape.  It also helps boost in your body image and self-confidence and heightens feeling of sexiness and femininity. For new mothers, breast augmentation provides a unique benefit. Included as part of a mommy makeover, the procedure can restore your pre-baby body and help you look years younger. Breast augmentation, or the enlargement of a woman’s bust with implants, has some widely known benefits.  Nowaday

Writing and Recording Music By Yourself

Writing and recording music by one’s self is something of a practice in vanity. Like a woman putting on her makeup, it becomes a matter of taking something that is positively and inherently “yours” and changing, augmenting, and rearranging it until it suits the artist’s tastes. One of the most obvious advantages to writing and recording by yourself is that you can work at your own pace. Everyone has different work habits, and working alone avoids any conflicts that could occur. Some people prefer short practices using Dimarzio and writing sessions with frequent breaks, where others prefer to lose themselves in long drawn out sessions.  Additionally, some musicians do not like to change things once they have been arranged as a group; it takes time and effort, and everyone must throw out material they already toiled to create. When he is alone, a songwriter can put as much or as little effort into revision as he sees fit. A solo writer/recorder has total control over the content

Experience Big Bite - The Northern Mindanao Food Festival

Experience Big Bite - The Northern Mindanao Food Festival on January 9 to 11, 2015 only at Centrio Mall, where adventure begins!  Big Bite is a 3 day food festival celebrating our very own Northern Mindanao food in partnership with the Provincial Government, Department of Tourism and Department of Trade and Industry. This will be participated by various provinces in the region along with FOPANORMIN, OTOP, local food concessionaires and Cagayan de Oro Culinary Schools.  To spice up this event, there will be daylong activities and Guest Celebrity Chefs Marvin Agustin on January 10 and Chef Boy Logro with Jeric Gonzales on January 11. For more detailed information on scheduled activities and programs, please check it out the photo below. Come and Enjoy!