Explore Asian Flavors at Ah Fong Asian Cuisine

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Ah Fong, a new dining experience in Cagayan de Oro City has so far gained some good reviews from those who have tried some of its Asian cuisine and I am one of them! Yes, it was my first time to dine in at Ah Fong Asian Cuisine when we had our General Members Meeting and Induction of Newly Elected Officers from our group, The CDO Bloggers. We are so thankful of Ah Fong for accommodating us and for providing the foods for us. 

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Ah Fong owner, Miss Nelia Lee 

Located at the Ground Level of Grand Central along Hayes Street, it is owned by Nelia Lee. The place is clean with a touch of fine architecture and modern interior design and of course the delectable Asian cuisine. Ah Fong Asian Cuisine just opened last August 2014 but has gained momentum in the number of customers it has served with good food and family-like experience. Topped with delicious and exquisite food choices, the newly-opened restaurant is true to its name. Ah Fong makes sure that the total ambiance is to the liking of every person coming in served with happiness to every bite of their delicacy. 

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It is synonymous with delectable food varying from its bestseller and house specialty! I'm pretty sure the dishes are to your liking. Check out our buffet meals below: 

  photo 11018775_10152629107897175_6446132501296174250_n_zpseqreezvr.jpg their bestseller crispy Ah Fong Chicken 

  photo 11045364_10152629107722175_1370687949422033786_n_zpschg9luai.jpg A must try! Crabmeat Fuyong 

 photo 10482517_10152629106877175_4141920296855830255_n_zpsrz0hd9mr.jpg Mixed Veggies 

 photo 10420766_10152629106997175_8105987906345149594_n_zpst5oa8dlg.jpg Bam-i 

 photo 10982848_10152629106802175_3528473471589874984_n_zpssibewdzj.jpg Gulaman for dessert

Ah Fong is perfect for any family celebration. The kind of clean yet festive feeling one cannot ignore the fact Ah Fong is not just a place to be but a new experience of Chinese cuisine at its peak. Ah Fong can make customer’s simple planned celebration to an exciting and tummy-fulfilling one. 

  photo 10250331_10152629107342175_1365341632886818400_n_zpsczsjjw34.jpg 
a sneak peek of their menu 
  photo 11018882_10152629107152175_3314908127836117877_n_zpsfld6acox.jpg 

Ah Fong will always have a part of your heart in filling up your empty tummies.

For reservations, please call: (088) 880 3299 or like their Facebook page for more updates.

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