2015 Ushers in Ten Classic Styles and New Technology Trends

1. Barn door hardware

Get ready to spruce up the garage or a barn with new hardware. Create a chic barn design on the garage with stylish black hinges and handles. Finish off the look with a vinyl wood-texture wrap, a new wooden door, or a fresh coat of dark brown paint.

2. Oakley eyeglasses

Oakley glasses are timeless classics that come back in style from time to time. 2015 is bringing them back with classy pairings with gingham patterns, lace trim, and even bohemian dresses. These shades are perfectly paired with almost any outfit or style with their sleek lines and quality designs.

3. Shaker style cabinets in white and eggshell

Dressing up the kitchen is all about the cabinets in 2015. This coming year, shaker cabinets are in as long as they are in white or a shade of white. Peek-a-boo doors with some glass centerpieces offer a creative new way to freshen up the timeless style.

4. Gold and blue accents in the home

Gold is back, at least in the home, for 2015. Gold faucets, doorknobs, handles, chandeliers, and lamps round out the blue accents that are in this coming season. Blue is perfect as long as it is used to compliment another color like shades of purple, brown, or white.

5. Mix-match styles like jewelry

Long dangles on one side and dainty studs in the other ear is back in 2015. The mixed look is making a comeback as a fun accessory change. Mix-match socks and outfits stay in style to complete the lopsided look for those who can pull it off.

6. Dark denim

Denim on denim was last year's trend, but 2015 brings back flared pant legs in a clean, dark fashion. Black denim, pressed jeans, and crisp lines take denim back to fancy when paired with a classy lace-edged shirt. Casual denim is in while the stonewashed, ripped thighs, and ragged edges are out.

7. Natural textures

Soft and luxurious fabrics, rugs, and decor in cowhide and suede are coming back in 2015. Suede boots, cowhide chairs, leather jackets, and soft faux blankets are the perfect accessory for the home and the closet. Pair any luxurious fabric choice with denim, gold, or the Oakley glasses to make the look complete.

8. Homemade foods and handmade items

Keeping it fresh, simple, and delicious is in, in, in! Getting creative in the kitchen baking muffins, stuffing lean meats, sauteing vegetables, and updating grandma's favorite recipes is the proof in the pudding in 2015. Simple, homemade items like cookies in a jar, bake sale specials, creative picture frames, and crocheted gifts are meaningful and thoughtful. Giving handmade gifts and treating others to new recipes is the perfect way to bring in the new year.

9. It Bags

Everyone remembers the high-style, fashion bags called It Bags. They are back this season as the best topper to any classy outfit. Grab one for business meetings, and pick another to take out on casual dates because these bags are back in a big way in 2015. Pair them with a sleek, clean look with dark denim jeans, add a pair of suede boots, and hit the town in an outfit everyone will have everyone talking.

10. Smart home technologies

Adding new technologies like voice automated lights, thermostats, and timers in the upcoming year top the list. Sleek new outlets with USB chargers and cell phone holders keep everyone from losing their phone, but it still doesn't solve the missing car key dilemma. Security lights, locks, and video cameras accessible from cell phones, I-pads, and the office keep all the stylish fashions safe and secure when homeowners are away. 

If you want more tips on how to improve your home and interior design and have it jive and work with your personal fashion there is a great article here talking about just that.

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