Enjoy Every Bite of Apollo Chocolates Available at Apollo Chocolates CDO!

Craving for chocolates? 

Well, here's a yummy sweet treat for you! 

Introducing Apollo Chocolates! 

If you haven't heard of Apollo Chocolates before, it is actually Malaysia's top brand and delicious snacks. Apollo is a premier chocolate confectionary products and layer cake manufacturer in Malaysia. With high quality and innovation, they make it available in a variety of flavors of Apollo cake and wafers. 

The Apollo products are distributed in Malaysia and other overseas market which are Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, India, Middle East and of course here in the Philippines. 

 photo 11136799_1424040494566132_344239377_n_zpsvtmtihu4.jpg

Now if you're wondering where you could purchase Apollo Chocolates here in CDO, you don't need to worry because Apollo Chocolates CDO is now accepting for orders. For CDO area, pick-up orders are available at 12th-15th St. Acacia Grove, Door #6, Nazareth, Cagayan de Oro City. 

 photo 11106425_1424039747899540_2036032036_n_zpssz76flod.jpg  

Apollo Chocolates CDO is the Official Distributor of Apollo Chocolates here in Cagayan de Oro City. It is available in Sticks, Bars, Wafers, Layer Cakes. To book orders, CALL APOLLO at 0917 721 3697. You may also like their Facebook page, Apollo Chocolates CDO for more  information and updates. 

 photo 10887919_1424039421232906_1939745687_n_zpsv1cdswiw.jpg 

For those who are living outside CDO, they do shipping as well. No minimum order is required and shipping fee is added to the total amount. 

 photo 11081458_625221020912365_1636448646081617662_n_zpsh67a0grb.jpg Apollo Chocolates are also available in all leading convenience store here in Cagayan de Oro City particularly in Chams, Grams and C7 Convenience Stores. 

The products available include Chocolate Wafers, Stick Wafers, Checker Bars, Roka Bar, Apollo Bubbles and Apollo Crush. Below are some photos with the list of prices. 

 photo 11137009_1424037861233062_354178104_n_zps2a5rb2wj.jpg 
Apollo Stick Wafers- P220/box (30pcs) in Chocolate, Strawberry, Blueberry and Pandan flavors. 

 photo 11139900_1424038687899646_621743359_n_zpsi7mzazir.jpg 
Apollo Checker Bars- Black P330/box (12pcs), Yellow P320/box (24pcs), Blue P330/box (24pcs) Red P340/box (24pcs)

 photo 11081190_625232494244551_6035691462371629075_n_zpsapuf17gt.jpgApollo Roka- Bar P325/box (24pcs), Balls P330/pck (80pcs) 

 photo 994484_625324130902054_855835396207053930_n_zpsn9biamiz.jpg  
Apollo Bubbles- P410/box (24pcs) 

 photo 11136950_1424042034565978_1055832686_n_zpsbmh2yhvz.jpg 
Apollo Crush- P280/box (24pcs) in Milk and Chocolate flavors 

We've tried the Apollo Crush and Apollo Stick Wafers and we really liked it so much! 

 photo DSC_1886_zpsjevvkrmf.jpg  

It's a coated wafer that brings you the texture of wafer and a delicious coating of chocolate. 

 photo DSC_1887_zpsblbe0tpl.jpg  

These light and crispy cream filled wafer sticks are a delight. It is filled with the goodness of fine and creamy chocolate. 

 photo DSC_1877_zps53cswg83.jpg 
Special thanks to Apollo Chocolates CDO for giving us these yummy chocolatey goodies from Apollo Chocolates! ;) 

Apollo chocolates are indeed a great snack when taking a break: whether you are at home, work or on the go! It fits in your pocket and is very handy to carry. I'm pretty sure kids of all ages, even kids at heart will surely enjoy this yummylicious chocolates from Apollo. 

So, why don't you grab an Apollo chocolates today  at Apollo Chocolates CDO and enjoy every bite of it! 

 Stay Sweet everyone! :)

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