Uratex Opens New Manufacturing Plant and Showroom in CDO

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We were invited to attend on the formal opening of the manufacturing plant and showroom of the top foam brand, Uratex. I was able to visit the showroom and the manufacturing plant which was located at Brgy. Gusa, Cugman, Cagayan de Oro City. 

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Uratex has been the Philippines largest manufacturer of commercial and automotive foam products and it is considered as one of the South East Asia's leading foaming brands. The brand has been committed to its product quality and excellence. Uratex ensures that its foams are produced with a high degree of product and world class quality that will benefit the Kagay-anon and the entire Visayas and Mindanao region as well. 

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The opening of the CDO plant and showroom is also a part of Uratex plan to open production centers in key cities in the region. Cagayan de Oro City has always been the melting pot for businesses in Mindanao this is why Uratex supported the continued development of the city. 

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I have learned that aside from producing high quality foams, Robert Cheng, the founder of Uratex expanded his business on automotive, furniture, bedding, footwear, textile, garment and food industries. 

This is what you can see inside their showroom: 

 photo 11149358_10152705308612175_4806772486757981549_n_zpsgxzugy2i.jpg  photo 10417718_10152705318712175_7729386409551567850_n_zpsdrpdsy7n.jpg  photo 11071472_10152705315412175_6700522519582265632_n_zpsdzpdblfy.jpg  photo 11082486_10152705308382175_322297533416809262_n_zpsg8niid76.jpg  photo 10417718_10152705318712175_7729386409551567850_n_zpsdrpdsy7n.jpg

I could say that with the expanded presence of Uratex here in Cagayan de Oro City, they certainly provide us with a healthful and restful sleep. 

 photo 21716_10152705316537175_6189103711422744211_n_zpshge7nxvl.jpg  photo 10929157_10152705317817175_1465739438838261149_n_zpsporldyk9.jpg  photo 11066023_10152705316287175_7876264822231355958_n_zpsa7ckp7ax.jpg  photo 14055_10152705319527175_401953587410480491_n_zps8ecwa8r3.jpg  photo 18207_10152705319437175_2371068993330053979_n_zpsgmqi6i7m.jpg  photo 20994_10152705319677175_4432351009615173329_n 1_zpszbnq3bqq.jpg

As what their motto says: "Tulog ay mahimbing, masarap ang gising", my family and I really had a good night sleep when we were able to experience the cool and comfy Fold-A-Mattress from Uratex together with the Senso Memory Traditional Pillow. :) 

 photo DSC_1878_zpsgchx6i26.jpg  photo DSC_1876_zpsutnnp2fc.jpg

Visit uratex.com.ph to know more about Uratex and its array of foam and mattress products. :) 

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