Celebrating My Birthday at High Ridge: The Ultimate View From The Top

I had a blast on my birthday when I celebrated it together with my family at High Ridge restaurant. It was a simple dinner but its very memorable for me since my family and I really enjoyed the night while we were there. 

 photo 10440972_10152835869377175_5725470883395290407_n_zps6iit3fes.jpg 

High Ridge has an entrance fee of P100/pax but it is consumable on food and drinks. The ambiance of the place is so nice specially when you go there during night time. What makes this restaurant so popular and a must visit place is because of the overlooking view of the city which is very nice indeed! 

 photo 1379281_10152835869677175_6219700432132751373_n_zpskkd6bu3t.jpg 

Sitting at the veranda is an advantage to see the greater panoramic view of Cagayan de Oro City before sunset and the glittering sea of city lights at night. It's a wonderful place to be for business meeting, family or friends dinner.

 photo 10435905_10152835869807175_6460395371959573333_n_zpsrtlfc66v.jpg  

for our dinner we ordered this Fiesta Platter and also Sinuglaw, Calamares, Marinated Pork Tenderloin, Brocolli & Cheese Soup 

 photo 11243458_10152835868812175_6494946697753223284_n_zpshtoljcjq.jpg 

With regards to the food, I can say that its average. It's good but its not that deliciously good. Well, maybe because I'm expecting that somehow it has the same taste with the other restaurants who also serve the same menu that we've ordered. 

 photo 988596_10152835868932175_7687197882639686890_n_zpste7iozey.jpg 

What I love about High Ridge is the panoramic view of CDO which is priceless. A perfect spot for couples and family get together. 

 photo 1391820_10152835871742175_7107444652990530439_n_zpswf7d4bpc.jpg  photo 11403474_10152835870662175_811842403577803746_n_zpsusidv2sf.jpg

and Oh! before I forget, I'd like to thank High Ridge for this yummy surprise treat on my birthday. ^_^ 

High Ridge is now open everyday from 12noon to 12 midnight. 

For reservations, please call these numbers: 0917-326-1361 0943-708-5492

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