Converting Event Videos to Share with the Movavi Video Converter

Do you have a videos that you took at a particular event that you’d like to share with others but you’re not quite sure if they’ll appear properly? To ensure that your videos are all set and ready to be shared there are a number of different aspects that you should consider and take care of beforehand.

The good news is that with the Movavi Video Converter you have an easy to use software that is capable of converting event videos, optimizing them and even editing them if need be. In short – it is the only one of the video converters you should need to get your video ready.
To make sure your event videos can be shared sans any issues, here’s how you should proceed:

      1. Identify the current format of the video

It seems really obvious, but by identifying the current format of the video you’ll be able to decide whether or not it does need to be converted. Some formats are known to be more universal than others for a number of reasons and could be the safer bet to stave off any issues.

  1. Decide how you intend to share the video
Exactly how do you want to share your video? Are you thinking of emailing it to people? Sharing it on an instant messenger such as Whatsapp or Skype? Or are you thinking about uploading it to a video sharing platform such as YouTube? The manner in which you intend to share it is important as it will influence how you choose to optimize your videos.

  1. Edit to correct any issues and trim unnecessary video footage
Most recordings tend to not be perfect and can have issues ranging from blurry or out of focus video to pixelated sections or even shaky video. Correcting these issues will help make your video appear a lot more professional. On top of that, recordings from events also normally have some excess video that is near the start or the end of the recording usually. Trimming out this unnecessary footage can help save space while not compromising the video quality.

Once you’ve gone through those 3 steps, you can convert and optimize your video accordingly based on how and where you intend to share the video. With the Movavi Video Converter you’ll have access to hundreds of presets that will let you automatically optimize your video for any device or platform – making the process easier still and really opening up a ton of different options that you can get into. 

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