Brick Oven Pizza's Deliciously Made at Oliver's Pizza!

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Craving for Pizza? 

Well, here's a pizza place to go that my family and I had discovered and it's considered as one of the Top Pizzerias in CDO!

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When my mom and my stepdad spent their holiday with us a few weeks ago, one of the things that we love to do is to eat, eat and eat! Yes, we love food trippin'! and because of that, when my stepdad craved for some pizza, I've introduced Oliver's Pizza to them. (My stepdad is a Swiss guy so he knows what the real  Italian pizza tastes like).

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It was our first time to visit the pizza place and tasted their incredibly delicious pizza and boy! It never failed our expectations! It tastes really good! 

 photo 1004472_10153320237227175_9186659859587775215_n_zpsglbv6qxm.jpg talking with the very friendly and accommodating owner himself, Mr. Oliver :) 

What makes Oliver's Pizza different from the others is that it uses the wood-fired brick oven in baking which gives an authentic taste of Italian cuisine. It's all natural and it's all made with fresh ingredients!

  photo 996995_10153320237332175_6956883025970904739_n_zpsfzxrdwrq.jpg  photo 1184933_10153320230922175_3884885547426270655_n_zpsftac5lz5.jpg  photo 1914747_10153320232832175_3051158073382332438_n_zpsvqk4x1gu.jpg  photo 1610981_10153320232652175_8568726879940005233_n_zpsx1tqpdza.jpg  
You should not miss the Margherita, Vegetarian, Alfredo’s and try many other flavors as well! :)

 photo 10509756_10153320237112175_9212647721027368091_n_zpslkcagcqr.jpg 

Oliver’s Pizza is located Door 106, Great Spot Arcade, J.R. Borja Extension next to The Wine Cellar (also owned by Oliver’s). Open Tuesdays to Sundays 4 pm - 11pm. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Go have your pizza today at Oliver's Pizza! ^_^

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