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The Nest CDO: Your French and Italian Dining Experience in CDO

What's new in CDO?  It's The Nest and it's finally hatched during their soft opening last Saturday, June 18, 2016.    The Nest CDO is the cozy home to two new Kagay-anon food brands for a whole new, hip dining experience!  First is the Maison de Bon Bon, which serves all kinds of authentic French food. This is the perfect place where your French cravings are satisfied.  The Second one is the Giuseppe Pizzeria & Sicilian Roasts, where you can indulge in the finest Italian pizza, pasta and meals for your delicious slice of Italian cuisine!  They don't just have great food, but a cozy ambiance and Instagram worthy spot, too! :)  here's a glimpse of their M enu:    The Nest is situated in between Ramon Chavez Street corner Corrales Avenue near Boy Zugba.    So, are you ready for a new & hip dining experience?  Get IN the Nest today! ‪#‎TheNestCDO‬ For more info, check out their websi

Faster Data With More Cell Sites From SMART Is Now in CDO!

Nowadays, most of us are into social media. As a Blogger and Virtual Assistant myself, I could say that my life revolves around the internet specially on social media. And because of this, it is a must have for me to connect myself to the internet. This digital innovations allows me to work for a living and enjoy my passions as well.  As the undisputed leader in mobile, Smart has been at the forefront of developing game-changing digital products and services that have made meaningful impact on the lives of Filipinos everywhere. For us who are living in CDO, what's even more exciting is that Smart has enhanced the network in Cagayan de Oro. The network now has improved data access, additional 3G and LTE cell sites in the area as well as network cluster optimization, subscribers can now enjoy stronger and faster data connection so they can lead digitally-connected lives.  Smart officially launches the "SMART Digifest" which composes a series of activities, games

Eden's Solace: Amazing View & Perfect Hang Out Place on a Budget

  Me and my girl friends decided to have a bonding time together and since we have a friend who is from Indahag, she introduced Eden's Solace to us telling us that it's the best place to have a barkada bonding together. It was our first time to visit the place and guess what? It's really a cool place to relax and simply chill out!  This is another ridge in Cagayan de Oro City which offers a vantage view of the sunset and the surrounding suburb of the city.Eden’s Solace is located in Indahag. It’s entrance is located along the Macasandig-Indahag Road going to Cepalco Solar Plant.  After eating, we explored the place... Took pictures, laughed... and enjoyed our time while we were there.    However, based on what I had observed,  there's still a lot of improvements and renovations for the amenities to do in this place so it will be a must-see place to visit in CDO. Hopefully soon, it will be just like High Ridge so people will go there and dine while en