Eden's Solace: Amazing View & Perfect Hang Out Place on a Budget

Sunset couple 
Me and my girl friends decided to have a bonding time together and since we have a friend who is from Indahag, she introduced Eden's Solace to us telling us that it's the best place to have a barkada bonding together. It was our first time to visit the place and guess what? It's really a cool place to relax and simply chill out! 


This is another ridge in Cagayan de Oro City which offers a vantage view of the sunset and the surrounding suburb of the city.Eden’s Solace is located in Indahag. It’s entrance is located along the Macasandig-Indahag Road going to Cepalco Solar Plant. 


After eating, we explored the place... Took pictures, laughed... and enjoyed our time while we were there. 

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However, based on what I had observed,  there's still a lot of improvements and renovations for the amenities to do in this place so it will be a must-see place to visit in CDO. Hopefully soon, it will be just like High Ridge so people will go there and dine while enjoying the view and the fresh air. 

By the way, bringing of food is now no longer allowed. Entrance fee is minimal, around P20 only.
 13179415_10153434734707175_234921951314898900_n 13138947_10153433271692175_4446623629993390406_n  
Eden's Solace is indeed a perfect hang out place for family and friends which offers an amazing view of the sunset, the city lights, and the surrounding suburb of the city. Such a nice scenic view of CDO! 

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