Vivo V5 Smartphone: The Perfect Selfie Phone for the Millennials

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It was a one-of-a-kind experience to get invited to attend the Vivo Philippines new product launching. Together with my fellow CDO Blogger friends, we flew to Manila to witness the event last November 23, 2016. Vivo reveals the secret to perfect selfies with V5 smartphone. 

Here are the scenes from the said event: 

 photo 15192734_10153900132672175_2554752731118515820_n_zpsnoqzl7we.jpg  photo 15134647_10153900074442175_2785156677293195533_n_zpsjngunnin.jpg

It was held at Solaire Casino & Resort in ParaƱaque City, Manila.

 photo 15202727_10153900074452175_989305810850940780_n_zpstbzihw3w.jpg  photo 15181491_10153900074412175_6992250685666020158_n_zpsg1bji27e.jpg  photo 15170870_10153900074517175_435609193179973909_n_zps1quzyx3a.jpg  photo 15109413_10153900132057175_8130938345838798982_n_zpscjgrwhtv.jpg  photo 15181310_10153900131992175_6764538509648822418_n_zpsbxsv3jux.jpg  photo 15220199_10153900248037175_5471862978005817931_n_zps0azcqsxp.jpg  photo 15095514_10153900247957175_8760736446573601456_n_zpsi3cdff05.jpg 

The Vivo V5 Smartphone boasts Perfect Selfie capabilities with its high quality front-facing camera, fast performance and upgraded features that ensure great experiences for its users. 

 photo 15095635_10153900248177175_7381094266510184868_n_zpsionhq6td.jpg 

It is equipped with a 20-megapixel moonlight front-facing camera featuring Sony camera sensor coupled with a lend system. It also comes with a front-facing soft light flash that helps illuminate its subjects whenever they take a selfie, ensuring that its users can capture perfect selfies. Its rear camera boasts a 13 megapixel sensor that features phase defect auto focus that will help users snap photos as they happen. 

 photo 15135939_10153900248217175_2728784789626133977_n_zpscjtyrotc.jpg 

The Vivo V5 is available in Vivo concept stores and major retailers nationwide for only P12,990! 

Vivo also revealed an upcoming device that is set to supplement Vivo 5. It's the Vivo 5 Plus which will feature a similar form factor as the V5 smartphone at 5.5 inches, but will feature a 1920x1080 display and 20 megapixel dual front-facing camera that are set to enhance the perfect selfie experience of its users. 

I can say that Vivo Phones are perfect for the millennial's today who are fond of taking selfies. Vivo is indeed a leading global smartphone brand focused on introducing stylish products, fast and smooth user experience for energetic and passionate young people. 

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