Enjoy Summer with Greenwich Mas Fun With Hawaiian

Summer is officially here! and what better way to make our summer fun and exciting aside from traveling, going on an adventure, going to the beach, pool or whatever we like to do is to enjoy good food! 

And speaking of good food, Greenwich Cagayan de Oro has also started summer by offering their best ever Hawaiian Overload pizza! It’s refreshingly delicious, and absolutely the perfect companion at the beach or while you and your friends lounge by the pool. 

This mouth-watering pizza is topped with the perfect blend of meaty slices of ham, sweet and juicy pineapple bits and finished with slices of green bell pepper. 

Here's our #MasFunWithHawaiian moments while making our own Greenwich Hawaiian Overload pizza! :) 

Enjoy summer more with the best Hawaiian Overload because it’s #MasFunWithHawaiian! Like Greenwich on Facebook and follow @greenwichpizza on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat to get the latest updates on their hottest and hippest summer events.

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