Pizzarella CDO Corrales Branch is Now Open

Iligan City's Pride, Pizzarella Bistro expands their business here in Cagayan de Oro City. The City's Local Pizza, Pizzarella CDO officially opens today, 26th of May 2017. It is located along Corrales Street, just in front of The Nest. 

Pizzarella had a very inspiring history about how they made their business became very successful. It all started with a dream that came into reality. Pizzarella Bistro was opened 5 years ago by the Portado brood of Iligan City.They poured their heart and soul in making the delicious savory pizza. In other words, it is made with love.


Pizzarella provides finely craft pizzas, using the freshest ingredients from their local vendors. It is inspired by Italian and Filipino recipes as well as from their own kitchen recipes. 

I love the ambiance of their place. It's rustic-inspired yet contemporary and has a great cozy feeling. 


To date, they have 4 stores opened: 2 stores in Iligan City and 2 stores here in Cagayan de Oro City. The first one was a kiosk located in Grand Central. They are hoping to open more soon. 

Pizzarella always endeavor to give our money's worth with their best quality pizzas and satisfaction guaranteed service. 


This is why their customers keep on returning time and time again. Their commitment to quality and service has always been their top priority. 


And I can attest to that! I'm actually very picky when it comes to pizza but when I tried Pizzarella, it has exceeded my expectations. It tastes deliciously good!😋 You can really taste the freshest dough and ingredients!

You have to try their Famous Madcow Pizza! So, why don't you visit today and grab a slice of their #AllTimeBestSeller Pizza! 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕 

Contact Numbers:

 *Pizzarella Corrales Pick up: 09751099013 

*Pizzarella GC Pick Up: 09751099012

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