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Make Healthy Diet a Habit For Life

We have been so accustomed to unhealthy eating habits so much so that our health suffers slowly but surely. Before we know it, & later on as age sets in, we develop diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular problems & immunity deficiencies against cancer.  Resolve to really taking care of your health & your families. OUT with excessive fats, oil, salt, fast foods, processed foods, sugary foods & drinks. GET more fiber, plant protein, antioxidants & micronutrients from 5 servings of veggies & fruits each day.  Most of all, BE a ROLE MODEL to your kids, families, work colleagues & communities. WALK THE TALK!  They say habits are tough to break. Not true, all it takes is determination, perseverance & a commitment to change. A mindset to improve your life by nourishing your body. Start simply and slowly by training yourself to adopt: Healthy Diet, Gawing Habit --- FOR LIFE!   1. Refrain from sugary, oily, fatty & salty foods (to