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Getting Rid of Head Lice with Licealiz

Head lice infestation is a common problem especially among school-aged children...and my daughter is one of those kids who has been struggling with the itchiness caused by head lice. I know like many of us, while growing up we learned about the various home remedies for head lice, from using "suyod" to even applying insect spray (that's what we apply) on my daughter's hair and scalp. I still believe in using suyod but I think it can’t solve the problem alone. We already have modern and effective ways to get rid of lice, like anti-lice shampoo.  After doing some research and also asking for recommendation from a pharmacist, I've decided to use LiceAliz. I believe it's very safe and effective, plus also quite convenient to use.I read about the active ingredient in LiceAliz, which is pyrethrin. I found out that it’s a natural ingredient made from chrysanthemum flowers. Following the instructions for using LiceAliz is also easy, since we can use it like