Benefits of Getting OEM Motorcycle Parts

There comes a time when one’s old motorcycle needs change of certain parts because they have either stopped working or they are not reliable anymore. Although one can hire a mechanic to do this job for him, one can save a ton of money if one just learned how to do it themselves. But before one start repairing his bike, he must know the difference between various types of motorcycle parts that are available in the market and where to get those authentic parts and not get cheated. In general there are three types of parts which one can use to replace their old parts. These are 

1)      OEM motorcycle parts
2)      Used motorcycle parts
3)      Aftermarket motorcycle parts

OEM motorcycle parts are the parts that are created by the original manufactures of the motorcycle for that specific motorcycle that one has purchased in the past. These parts are specific to even brand and model of the motorcycle. But since these parts are new and have the backup of company’s long successful history, they are often more expensive than other two category parts.

Used motorcycle parts are the used parts which have been removed from other motorcycles that are no longer in use. Although these parts are very cheap but there is no guarantee that these parts would work efficiently and reliably over a course of time. If one is getting used motorcycle parts, one must closely examine the parts before using it because using a damaged part might also indirectly damage other motorcycle parts.

Aftermarket motorcycle parts are the parts which are also specific to brand and model of the motorcycle, but unlike OEM Honda motorcycle parts these are not made by original manufacturers but third party companies. These parts are not recommended or authorised by any original company but people still buy it because they are comparatively cheaper than original parts. 

It is highly recommended that one must get OEM motorcycle parts for keeping things just the way they are but if one has Honda bike, it’s very important that one gets OEM Honda motorcycle parts not only to keep its resale value up but also because Honda engines are much more complex and its very important to put in original parts for safety purposes. Getting an aftermarket cheap product had led to seizing of so many countless Honda motorcycles. After replacing internal parts of the engine, one needs to put in new gaskets to put the engine back together. 

Most people make their mistake here since they seriously undervalue the importance of an original gasket. Aftermarket or used gaskets wear off very fast and they start to leak over time thus making them more costly down the road. Seals are other elements which are undervalued. They are the unsung heroes like the Sherpa’s of the Everest. OEM Seals fit better and have a greater life span. Getting aftermarket bearings will also decrease the performance and durability of one’s motorcycle. Hence it’s very important to use OEM parts. One can even order these parts online from at discounted rates without worrying about the authenticity of the product. 

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