Linux vs Windows Based POS Systems

Whenever one watches an old movie when people get off their cars to fill gas at gas stations or at convenience stores, they can see bills and purchases being made at the cash register devices, but in today’s technological advanced and competitive world, where data and information is worth billions because it helps businesses to analyze and gain any competitive advantage over other competitors, thus significantly improving their chances of success, POS systems forms the backbones of any business today. 

Not only they print invoice and make error free bills at super fast speeds, but they also allow businesses to collect real time information of sales and purchases made by their customers, help track inventory and stock of thousands of products across various warehouses and retail stores, and to analyze the market trends providing solutions that help in business growth and reducing wastage.

In today’s online insecure environment where hackers are trying to exploit any loose ends in company’s software systems to make easy money, stability and safety of POS systems becomes a very important factor to consider while purchasing any POS system. One of the reasons why clients prefer Verifone’s system is because the Ruby POS runs on Linux operating system instead of windows operation system which has far more malware issues and loose end than Linux based systems. 

The Verifone Ruby POS login is much more secure than any other POS system login because it is based on Linux builds which are very different from one another, thus creating a universal malware for it becomes next to impossible. Verifone has individualized their operations so much that it y hacker to compromise the em.  operations so much that its nearly impossible for any hacker to attack the system. itssues and s nearly impossible for any hacker to compromise the safety of Verifone Ruby POS login based systems. 

Verifone Ruby POS admin lets one enable and disable all the new features and commands. There is a feature called training mode which is available in Verifone Ruby POS admin which helps in training a new hired person on learning how to use all the features or even an old existing employee to get grip of all the new features. This training mode is best for learning because it provides real like sale situations and even if an employee makes a mistake it does not affect the company in any way. This training mode can help trainees from basic system functions like using card readers to more advanced functions like using PLU customizations. 

Although regular security check ups and updates are done on the Verifone systems to discover new bugs and security issues and provide fixes in the updates as soon as it detected, however like any other software, sometimes an error might occur. To take care of this and to reassure customers that they don’t have to worry even for a minute, Verifone Ruby POS support is available 24 X 7 to its customers free to charge on any product the customer has equipped from the company. The company even keeps team of developers on site to take care of even complex errors within a time frame of minutes. 

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