Why Nobu Hotel is One of The Most Awesome Staycation You Can Have in Manila

The first time that I've stayed in this hotel, I fell in love with it!πŸ’“ It's my second time and it always feels like the first time. I believe first impression really lasts. Nobu Hotel is the official home of CDO Bloggers for Blogapalooza 2018.  I would like to thank you for accommodating us. It’s always a pleasure and comfortable stay!

Once you enter the hotel, you can immediately see what makes Nobu Hotel different from the others. Traditional and modern Japanese designs are quite evident in the lobby which gives it a different feel, as if you are actually staying in a hotel somewhere in Japan. 

There is a feeling of relaxed luxury or “fun luxury” at the hotel, and it is not intimidating at all despite the exclusivity and prestige of the hotel. could not help but notice the subtle interiors. 

Neutral colors, minimalistic decor and calming artwork  throughout the room created a soothing mood that separated it from other hotels I’ve stayed in. 

I love the vanity mirror plus the huge sink!

And just like the entire hotel, Nobu Restaurant also brings an air of comfort and relaxation that customers truly appreciate. The entire dining area is pleasantly spacious and boasts of beautiful floral print seats, wooden accents, floor-to-ceiling windows, and ample natural lighting. 

The buffet at Nobu Hotel Manila feature the same items that one would normally expect like bacon, pancakes, fruits, sausages and the like. But there are a couple of unique items even from the buffet table alone. It offers Nobu-unique modern Japanese dishes fused with Peruvian influences. 

As you can see, everything takes on a golden hue with these buildings in the background. The entire City of Dreams Manila complex just flows with extravagance and elegance. 

Aside from its world class amenities and services, what I also love about Nobu Hotel is that the place is instagrammable!😍

It has the best panoramic view of the Promenade and the Manila Bay sunset as well.

In terms of overall ambiance, my stay at Nobu Hotel Manila is easily the best I’ve experienced in Manila so far. Everyone knows how chaotic the city can be and it’s understandable that people would like to have staycations as a form of escape. In the escapism meter, I would rank this hotel a 10. 

Nobu Hotel Manila lives up to its current reputation as one of the most popular hotels in Manila – especially for those who want to escape I’m pretty sure you’ll find more reasons to come back again and again once you’ve experienced their signature style of service, luxury and comfort. This uniquely beautiful hotel has so much to offer.

A Nobu Hotel Staycation is definitely one of the most awesome staycations you can have in Manila. 

Nobu Hotel Manila City of Dreams 
Asean Avenue corner Roxas Boulevard, Entertainment City, ParaΓ±aque 
Number: +63 2 866-9888

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