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#10AndFabulous CDOBloggers Anniversary Ball with Atty. Rufus Rodriguez

It was an awesome and fabulous night last November 17, 2018 when we had our CDOBloggers 10th Anniversary Ball. Everyone was dressed up in their best looks which adheres to theme "Rebels in Black and Gold."  I am so thankful to my fellow org officers who did the tedious tasks in order to make this event possible. This is actually the first time that we had our Bloggers Ball. The preparation was not that easy because we've encountered many challenges along the way. But we didn't give up because we want to push through this event. Thanked God we did it!   There were a lot of beautiful and handsome ladies and gentlemen that night.  Restaurant Damaso's crostini buffet is definitely one of its kind and it tastes deliciously good! Our Special Guest was the fun and witty Atty. Rufus B. Rodriguez. During his speech, he highlighted the importance of blogging and social media which brings people and communities together. 

Waxing Doesn't Have to Hurt if You #SwitchToHeySugar!

Did you know that waxing doesn't have to be painful as you imagine? Yes! That's true based on my experience when I tried underarm waxing for the first time.  At first I was hesitant to try it but I conquered my fear and was able to try and experienced it myself. It's not that painful at all! Hey Sugar's sugaring process is gentle as it uses all-natural ingredients. The aesthetician poured the sugar was on my underarm area. It feels so rich and warm on my skin. The mixture really seep into my pores and got a good grip on my hair follicles.  It has moisturizers and it exfoliates my skin as well. It works in a small, manageable sections and presses my skin gently as the aesthetician lifted the cooled wax. It efficiently removed even the shortest hairs of my underarm. I just love this method! It's swift but very efficient. With that being said, do you really have to wonder if you should #SwitchToHeySugar and try it yourself?  I would

Be the first Bigby's Tripster, Win Exciting Prizes and Start Your Travel Story!

Do you want to be a travel vlogger?  Would you like to travel for FREE?!  As part of Bigby’s Café and Restaurant's upcoming 20th year Anniversary,they are inviting everyone to be a part of the biggest local travel story campaign.  This exciting campaign is entitled “Be the First Bigby’s Tripster” which focuses on travel, vlogging, and food…just what the Bigby’s brand stands for.  The Bigby’s Tripster is a one (1) year campaign wherein we will be producing video episodes to be featured on our social media accounts starting with the Search, the Tripster Challege and the travel escapades of our winning Tripster.  What is a Bigbys Tripster?  The first Bigby’s Tripster can either be a male or female, aged 18 to 28 years old. He/she must embody Bigby’s love for travel, adventure, excitement and food. He must also be into vlogging (video blog) or telling their new stories and experiences through videos. Open for all those amateur and aspiring vloggers who want to k