Waxing Doesn't Have to Hurt if You #SwitchToHeySugar!

Did you know that waxing doesn't have to be painful as you imagine? Yes! That's true based on my experience when I tried underarm waxing for the first time. 

At first I was hesitant to try it but I conquered my fear and was able to try and experienced it myself. It's not that painful at all!

Hey Sugar's sugaring process is gentle as it uses all-natural ingredients. The aesthetician poured the sugar was on my underarm area. It feels so rich and warm on my skin. The mixture really seep into my pores and got a good grip on my hair follicles. 

It has moisturizers and it exfoliates my skin as well. It works in a small, manageable sections and presses my skin gently as the aesthetician lifted the cooled wax. It efficiently removed even the shortest hairs of my underarm. I just love this method! It's swift but very efficient.

With that being said, do you really have to wonder if you should #SwitchToHeySugar and try it yourself? 

I would definitely say YES! You should try it! 

Hey Sugar is offering an incredible pampering treat in celebration for this year's National Hair Free Day. 

So visit your nearest Hey Sugar Branch on November 27, 2018 from 11am to 3pm and avail of their FREE EYEBROW THREADING and UNDERARM WAXING SERVICES! Yes for FREE!!! 

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