DA’ GROVE : A New Spot To Visit In Gingoog City

CDO Lifestyle goes to Gingoog City!

We visited DA’ GROVE at Gingoog Highway 955 located at Sitio Civoleg, Barangay Lunotan, Gingoog City.

This is a city-owned new tourism development  which covers the following amenities:

🔅 Orchidarium

🔅 Lagoon

🔅 The Grove dairy training park

🔅 Garden

🔅 GCU - Gingoog A City of Unity

🔅 Amphitheatre 

🔅 Playland for Kids

🔅 Bicycle lane for lovers

🔅 ATV and Horseback riding

🔅 Strawberry field

🔅 Greenhouse 

🔅 Villa/hotel and spa

🔅 Food hall/ The crest

It’s definitely a new spot to visit!!

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