My Top 5 Everyday GrabFood Meals Fit for the Budget

Whenever I crave for something, I always go to my favorite GrabFood App to order meals that I can
get with just a single tap!

        What I love about GrabFood is that they have an affordable option of their Everyday Value Meals
starting at 99 pesos.  

        This is perfect for anyone looking for affordable options for lunch, dinner or  snacks.
What’s more, you can enjoy deals and promos every day in the app!

        Here are my Top 5 GrabFood Meals that I’ve found from the Everyday Value Meals:

Miso Ramen from Sukidesu for only P180 

Bengal Wintermelon and Tiger-Ferrero Supreme from Tiger Bubble Tea for only P140 and P125 

Beef Taco and Beef Nachos from Mexican Craze for only P80 and P100

Corned Beed Rice from Tsibojohn Tsibugan for only P125

                                              Goto with Egg from Lugawan Bulalohan Sa La Creolle for only P110


With GrabFood App, ordering is as easy and accessible by simply choosing your  favorite Everyday Value Meals

starting at 99 pesos.

Whether it be milk tea, pizza, or ramen, GrabFood has got you covered with  promos that you can enjoy in the app. 

I personally love using GrabFood App since they have many options to choose  from.  

The delivery riders always arrive on time and are extremely friendly. 

They are also quick in processing orders and within a few minutes, my meal has  already arrived! 

Feeling hungry now? 

Grab your phone and try the Everyday Value Meal options on the GrabFood menu  today! 

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