CDO Bloggers Network Celebrates 14 Years!

Our organization celebrated 14th Anniversary on November 12, 2022 with a simple thanksgiving dinner at the Sky Garden of SM City CDO Downtown Premier.

CDO Bloggers were formally organized in 2008 as a registered non-profit with the Securities and Exchange de Commission (SEC) to foster fellowship among its members, and similar groups all over the country and collectively help catalyze positive change in Cagayan de Oro Mindanao.

Most of our members are bloggers and social media practitioners in Cagayan Oro and Northern Mindanao. We aim to create positive change by promoting the city of Cagayan de Oro and the entire island of Mindanao as a peaceful and thriving place by sharing the positive experiences we have through social media, especially for those who have not yet visited these places and wish to have country and collectively first-hand, eyewitness accounts of what it's like in Cagayan de to live in Cagayan de Oro and Mindanao. Now presided by Jean Jacques Agbon, CDO Bloggers have 29 active members at present, including some who have moved elsewhere or are working abroad but remain active in the organization. 

The evening's highlights included sharings by Ms Maria Irene Aserios of who shared the latest from the recent Baicon 2022 held in Cebu, while Ms. Caberte shared her learnings as a blogger for the last decade or so. 

This event would not be possible without the help of our generous sponsors. 

We would like to thank SM City CDO Downtown Premier, especially PR Manager Cariston B. Maglangit and Mall Manager Ms. Lovelle See for generously making the Sky Garden available for the event. 

We also wish to acknowledge Gov. Peter "Sr. Pedro" & Mrs. Erlinda "Ma'am Ging" Unabia, First Lady of Misamis Oriental for spicing up our dinner with Lechon the best in Cagayan de Oro.“ “Likewise to Cucina Higala for the delicious holiday party trays. 

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