CDO Lifestyle Featured in Feedspot Top 100 Philippines Lifestyle Blogs

CDO Lifestyle is beyond grateful to be included in Feedspot Top 100 Philippines Lifestyle Blogs!

It was just all for personal and informative reasons, and never did I imagine this blog to really rank on something or even anything.

So just one random day, I was just trying to simply improve a little my blog's SEO (search engine optimization) and I even don't know about DA (domain authority) yet back then, I created accounts for my blog on different sites including Feedspot's. I knew they had these rankings categorized by niches but never did I imagine being listed on any of those lists. Fast-forwarding time upon searching due to curiosity about who were the blogs topping the lifestyle blogging category, I was really surprised to make it on the list. Thank you, Lord!

You can visit their official listing HERE on their website. 

There are a lot of other categories to be considered like travel, money, fitness, information, etc.. but sharing the lists with some of the big names in the blogging industry including some celebrities there is just something to merit.

So how does Feedspot rank blogs on their lists? Read more below.

Feedspot has a group of experts who update such listings almost weekly. Some of the ranking factors they assess are relevancy, freshness, social metrics, domain authority, web traffic, and more. Inactive blogs and sites that deal with important changes such as irrelevancy (in terms of changing niche for example) are also updated accordingly.

Feedspot is a global brand that features online content worldwide and has been a pioneer in the industry already which is why being noticed by such a distinct body is a privilege. Thank you Feedspot.. To God be all the glory.. To more informative content.

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