Salima Saway's Soil Painting Gallery

Since the Talaandig tribe discovered that soil can be a considerable medium for art, Salima Saway transformed this raw fabric into colors on canvas that portrayed incredible stories of her tribe and communicated messages of the crucial and crucial messages of nature. 

Salima Saway is an artist who is very well known for her soil paintings. She is based in Mindanao, and she is a part of the Talaandig tribe in Lantapan, Bukidnon. 

During my trip with the Department of Tourism Region X along with my fellow media and influencer friends, we went to her house in Bukidnon, which serves as a mini-gallery that showcases her soil paintings.

Salima Saway’s Paintings

As soon as we entered her gallery, we were immediately in awe.

Just look at the intricate details of all these painting, each stroke is made precisely.

Salima Saway honors her tribe by making it the subject of her painting, that’s why each painting showcases features of the tribe.

Did you know that her paintings have been exhibited in different countries such as Singapore and the United States of America? She is really making us proud as Filipinos! 

Aside from using soil as painting medium, her work often talks about Talaandig's culture and tradition.

Stunning artworks!! 

A visit is certainly like immersing in the life and culture of her tribe and communing with the Mother Nature. 

Visit her gallery at Songco, Lantapan during your trip in Bukidnon! 

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