Explore Bukidnon: Popular Places To Visit in Bukidnon


 Bukidnon.. my hometown province. 

There are many Bukidnon tourist spots that is worthy of your visit.

It is an area of great wealth, as seen by its expansive plains, beautiful mountains, and valleys, and incredible natural beauty. 

Come and join me as we both set upon an adventure and explore the best tourist spots in Bukidnon! 

Lake Apo

Located in Barangay Guinoyoran in Valencia City, Bukidnon is an amazing natural wonder you definitely shouldn’t when you visit Bukidnon. 

Lake Apo is one of the cleanest and most abundant bodies of fresh water in the Philippines. 

Covering a huge area of 24 hectares, the most popular attraction in Lake Apo is bamboo rafting or “balsa” in the local dialect.

Greek Hills 

Greek Hills in Sinuda, Kitaotao, Bukidnon is truly amazing. 

It’s one of the most visited tourist spots in Bukidnon because of its breathtaking views and picturesque locations. 

Additionally, visitors will appreciate the serene environment, making it an ideal tourist destination. 

The Monastery of Transfiguration

The Monastery of Transfiguration is considered one of Bukidnon’s top pilgrimage destinations, especially during Holy Week. 

The church is actually the home of Benedectine Monks where visitors are invited to solemnly offer their prayers or attend Sunday masses.

When you visit the Monastery of Transfiguration, you will immediately feel that the place exudes a feeling of peace and serenity.

Bemwa Farm 

Bemwa farm has a lot to offer its visitors, like a place to unwind, take pictures, and fill up fresh vegetables from their garden. 

You don’t have to go to Baguio City just to pick strawberries. The Bemwa farm gives us the same experience. 

Aside from strawberries, they have rows of sunflowers, fresh organic products, and other herbs in pots that you can buy reasonably.

Overview Nature and Culture Park 

Overview Nature and Culture Park are certainly one of the tourist spots that you should definitely consider on your next visit to Bukidnon. 

It has a view of the beautiful mountains and plain green fields. This park is along the highway, so you can make a quick stop on your way to Davao or Bukidnon. 

People from inside and outside of the province visit this park often. Some people bring food, spend time at the park, and have a picnic. Overview Nature and Culture Park will surely leave you with an unforgettable experience.


 Looking for a fun place to relax and unwind with your family and friends?

Come and visit PBF in Talakag, Bukidnon and experience the relaxing farm life. 

It’s a stunning dairy and cattle farm and eco-agricultural park where you can visit to get a glimpse of a farm. 

We love the scenic pine trees, cool temperatures, and the ranch vibes.

It has an expansive location complete with pine trees, Philippine cherry blossoms, and more, that you can explore with your family via golf carts, bicycles, and even horses. It also has areas for playing, picnics, and other activities.

You can also experience the relaxing farm life yourself, with their cattles, horses, and gardens.

Moreover, PBF also offers various meals and food products made from their own produce. 

Binahon Agroforestry Farm (BAFF)

Do you want to spend the weekend with your friends or family in a cozy and relaxing way?

You should try Binahon Agroforestry Farm in Lantapan, Bukidnon! This amazing place is in Sitio Bol-ogan, Brgy. Songco. It can be reached from Cagayan de Oro City via Talakag in about 2 hours and 30 minutes. 

BAFF is a farm resort with a restaurant and one of the lovely tourist spots in Bukidnon.

Dahilayan Forest Park

Dahilayan Forest Park is such a perfect place for anyone to visit when you are are in Bukidnon. 

It offers a wide variety of attractions as well as it serves as an awesome retreat for anyone who wants to escape the city life even for a day.

There are different activities that can be done inside the Forest Park from different rides, exciting activities, and relaxing accommodation are being offered to the guests. 

The park also offers kid-friendly activities such as a playground, bungee jumping zone, and tree top adventure that can surely make the kids enjoy their stay in the park!

These are just a few places that we've visited, there's still more to be added on this list! 

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