Drive And Earn With GrabCar CDO As Driver-Partner or Operator


Do you own a vehicle and want to earn at your own schedule? 
GrabCar has now arrived in Cagayan de Oro. 
They are now accepting applications for driver-partner and operator positions. 


See the steps and forms required below. 

1. Check if Vehicle / Unit meets the requirements:

Unit / Model should not be older than the year 2020

Unit / Model is a non-Honda Brand

Unit / Model Vehicle Body Type should be either: Sedan, SUV, MPV / AUV

2. Comply the necessary documents:

For Provisional Authority (PA) Requirements

1 Orange Folder for the Documents

4 Copies of Accomplished Verified Application Form – APPLICATION FORM LINK HERE

Government ID (Photocopy)

Vehicle OR/CR or Sales Invoice w/ Delivery Receipt

For Certificate of Public Convenience (CPC) Requirements

Hard Copies of the Documents of CPC Requirements that are listed in the document (Except Letter C). – CPC REQUIREMENTS LINK HERE


1 Copy of Accomplished Formal Offer of Evidence Document –   FORMAL OFFER OF EVIDENCE DOCUMENT LINK HERE

3. Bring Completed documents and Visit GRAB CDO Office at ABL Bldg., JV Serina St., Carmen (near Madonna & Child Hospital)

Documents will be checked again by the Office.

Once checked and verified they will provide a required Document (Letter C) that is included in the CPC Requirements.

Further steps and guidance for the onboarding of your GRABCAR unit will be provided at the office.

For inquiries, you may contact 0917-113-0475 or visit Grab CDO Office at ABL Bldg., JV Serina St., Carmen (near Madonna & Child Hospital).

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