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Always a Pleasurable and Comfortable Stay at Nobu Hotel City of Dreams

  The first time that I've stayed here in Nobu Hotel, I fell in love with it!💓 It's my third time and it always feels like the first time. I believe first impression really lasts. This is where me and my CDO Bloggers stayed for Blogafest 2019. I would like to thank Nobu Hotel for accommodating us. It’s always a pleasurable and comfortable stay! Once you enter the hotel, you can immediately see what makes Nobu Hotel different from the others. Traditional and modern Japanese designs are quite evident in the lobby which gives it a different feel. There is a feeling of relaxed luxury or “fun luxury” at the hotel, and it is not intimidating at all despite the exclusivity and prestige of the hotel. could not help but notice the subtle interiors.  Neutral colors, minimalist decor and calming artwork throughout the room created a soothing mood that separated it from other hotels I’ve stayed in.  And just like the entire hotel, Nobu Restaurant

#10AndFabulous CDOBloggers Anniversary Ball with Atty. Rufus Rodriguez

It was an awesome and fabulous night last November 17, 2018 when we had our CDOBloggers 10th Anniversary Ball. Everyone was dressed up in their best looks which adheres to theme "Rebels in Black and Gold."  I am so thankful to my fellow org officers who did the tedious tasks in order to make this event possible. This is actually the first time that we had our Bloggers Ball. The preparation was not that easy because we've encountered many challenges along the way. But we didn't give up because we want to push through this event. Thanked God we did it!   There were a lot of beautiful and handsome ladies and gentlemen that night.  Restaurant Damaso's crostini buffet is definitely one of its kind and it tastes deliciously good! Our Special Guest was the fun and witty Atty. Rufus B. Rodriguez. During his speech, he highlighted the importance of blogging and social media which brings people and communities together. 

2018 Blogapalooza ConnecteD Event - My First Experience

I felt so blessed and so happy to be chosen as one of the CDO Blogger delegates for the Blogapalooza ConnecteD Event which was held at City of Dreams, Manila.  It's my first time and I am so excited to meet everyone specially in the blogging community. Blogapalooza is a business-to-influencer networking and marketing event that gathers bloggers, social media influencers, and internet celebrities from all over the Philippines in a day of learning, interaction, innovation, and improvement.  It’s a day filled with so much learnings from the various talks conducted by experts and networking amongst brands and fellow content creators.  This is a one-day event where businesses, usually startups can meet influencers who can potentially advertise their businesses through blogs, vlogs, and social media pages.  Here are the talks during the event:  Transitioning from Traditional to Digital Media by Cristine Bersola-B