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Soulful. Sorrow. Sad

Today is special non-working holiday here in our country because we pay tribute and respect to our dear Beloved President Corazon Aquino's burial. Though I was still a baby yet when the EDSA People Power 1 happened, I just feel my fellow citizens patriotism and fight for democracy when I saw earlier on tv how the Filipino love and supported a simple housewife who became the very 1st Philippine President way back in 1986. The Late President Cory Aquino fight and restored back our country's democracy while she is able to step down Marcos dictatorship. I was just so amazed and inspired by her life, not only to her but also to her late Senator husband Ninoy Aquino who has been assassinated during Marcos regime. Both of them fight for the right just for the sake of the Filipino people. Just imagine risking your own life just for your country's freedom and democracy.