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A Great Way to Earn Money on Twitter!

MyLikes is another way to get new followers on twitter and earn additional money from sponsored Likes. The company is already several months old but MyLikes offers one of the best earnings opportunities. You will get paid for each click a certain amount which MyLikes calculates after you signed up. This price is fixed until your score moves up/down. Payout is every Friday as soon as you reach 2$. More opportunities to earn money with MyLikes You can send a tweet to your followers on Twitter, make a blog post about the sponsored Likes and/or put a widget with the active sponsored Likes on your blog/website  Join MyLikes Now!

My Twitter & Revtwt Account

I have more than 50 followers in Twitter that's why I had able to post ads in Revtwt and also in Facebook. But the problem is that most ads that I post using Revtwt only has some clicks for U.S., U.K, or Canada members only. It is so hard for me to earn money using Revtwt because most of my friends online are not from that countries that I had mentioned and It is not easy for me to convince people to click my ads that I had posted in twitter and also in my facebook account. I just hope Revtwt will open its doors for Asians like me where their ads will be available internationally.