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SEO Workshop on How to Get More Out From Your Blogs

I attended a workshop about SEO a few weeks ago and I am so thankful for this event because I learned a lot on how I could get more out from my blogs. I was asked by one of the speakers about my expectations from this workshop and I told everyone that even though I have many blogs and Ive been blogging for 2 years now, I still consider myself as a newbie in blogging because I actually don't know much about search engine optimization.  Yeah I can search for answers in Google but its quite different when an SEO expert will explain to you personally. You can ask some questions and you can easily get an answer. I listened carefully to each of the speakers and even wrote down the important information out from the lessons that Ive learned.      The objectives of the workshop was to determine how to make our blogs better through SEO, understand the basic SEO principles and strategies, apply this strategies on our blogs and also acquire an insider knowledge or shall we say

Get Your Blog Reviewed From a Blog Directory

As we all know, directory submissions are a key element of today as far as promoting a website is concerned. All of us want to see our blog placed at the top positions in every search engine as possible. Whether you're looking to promote your own blog to increase revenue, back links, readership or improve your search engine visibility,the better way where you can increase the link popularity of your blog is to submit your blog to a blog directory site. There are also blog directories that can help your blog in getting popular and be recognize when you get your blog reviewed from certain blog directories that also offers a blog review service. So get your blog reviewed now and make your site  even more popular on the search engine.

Blogerzoom's Redirection Problem

A few days ago, one of my blogger friends, Mommy Lulu told me that every time she visits this main blog of mine, My Life and My Journey Online she will be redirected to another website. Sis Dhemz also told me she also experienced it. And now Sis Rhyeanne told me that both of my blogs including my other blog,  My Daily Notes was also redirected to Blogerzoom which is blog directory site. I had remove all the codes from Blogerzoom and I think its okay now.  I received an email today from Blogerzoom asking for an apology because of the inconvenience it brought to my blogs. They said that some hackers hack their site, posted a script in their server due to which their site was redirected to other site and they were unaware of it.  They contacted their  hosting company (hostgator) to get it done, and they said they eventually  resolved it. Well, I just hope this will not be happening again because those redirection and pop ups from their site is really annoying. And since I already

The Power of Social Bookmarking

Thеrе аrе millions οf website аnԁ blogs today and they аrе increasing еνеrу day. Many bloggers like us аrе looking out fοr ways tο increase traffic tο our websites οr blogs. One οf the recent methods tο increase popularity οf a website οr blog іѕ tο uѕе social bookmarking websites. It іѕ way tο bookmark οur favorite web pages on the Internet which саn bе used tο impart wіth others on tһе web, which contain tags, rankings, аnԁ other stuff that shows how many people аrе visiting уοur website οr blog. Social bookmarking is very popular with marketers in every business, hobby or personal niche.It is a great way to get traffic to your own website and blogs. What you need to do is to bookmark your sites and then hope others will share their links. Some social bookmarking sites will let the viewers vote for your entries which also helps in making your website or blog even more popular.

Build Traffic from your Blog with Blog Directories

As you can see from the footer of my blog, Ive signed up and registered my blog on different blog directories because it can help with backlinks as it boosts my blog's standing to have a direct link from websites which have a good Google Page Ranking. Blog Directories really helps in increasing traffic to your blog. There are  blog directory which is better than the others in referring traffic though so it does pay to do your research before you start. For instance , some blog directories don't provide a backlink to your blog even though they require you to put a link to them on your blog.Just keep in mind when you are checking your site links to see if a backlink is being provided. Aside from the benefits where we can get more traffic from our blog, there are blog directories that can help our blog in getting popular and be recognize when you get your blog reviewed from certain blog directories that also offers blog reviewing service. They offer this service to any blog s

Enjoyed adding some Friends Badges!

I would like to thank Ovah’s Coffee blog for the great tips and advice on how to create a badge here in blogger. I had no idea before on how to create it and when I was searching in Google on how to it, I came across her blog and I just followed what she did on her badge too. The next thing I did was following some blogs, copying the code and add it to my friends list of badges. I enjoyed doing it since I came to meet many people with different views, ideas and opinions written on their blog. I am hoping to have more friends since I am a newbie blogger here and I am also hoping to have more followers and more friends badges to add. 

Happy to See My Blog Increasing & Improving!

I am happy to find out that my blog is improving and has increased its PageRank from 0 to 1. Since I am a newbie into blogging and still have so many things to do in order to improve my PageRank and I  still need a lot of traffic on my blog to make it popular. As the saying goes, "Great Things start from Small Beginnings" so I believe that I could merely do it just like many other blogs that I had followed here in Blogger. I am also looking for a nice new layout and template for my blog so it takes time and effort for me to make my blog more beautiful and easy to navigate with.  I saw an article on Some Blog Traffic Tips that I would like to share and its indeed very helpful for a newbie blogger like me.  1) After 30 days submit your blog to all blog directory's you can, focus on the one's with a Google Page rank of at least 2 or higher along with any that are specific to your niche. 2) Get some backlinks (sites that link to your blog) There are lots of

A Great Site in Promoting Your Blog,Website, & Affiliate Link!

I had been a member of LinkReferral for almost a month now and I was so amazed how this site helps me in improving my blogging skills since I am just a newbie into blogging. It helps me boosting up my traffic with lots reviews from other members who had visited my blog here, My Life & My Journey in Earning Money Online . As you can see, I had posted some of the member's review of my blog on the right side of my blog layout. I had also seen and followed a lot of good and inspiring blog specially the personal "online diary" blog, money earning blog, lots of money earning opportunities online and many more. Here are the Site's Concept on how We Can Gain Free Traffic and Reviews Using their Site: Members directory traffic - By joining, you will be included in our members directory which is visited by our community of over 250,000 members, and thousands of outside visitors on a daily basis. You'll have the opportunity to earn a ranking